Hello Friend,

Welcome to the 21 Day Transformation Challenge!

I am so excited to support you on your wellness journey! You’re in the right place if you want to hit the reset button on your health & unlock the secret to feeling fabulous every day.

My own health history includes a prolonged journey to achieving optimal health. I experienced countless health issues from childhood into adulthood, and I remember asking myself if my life would ever be different – if I would ever be free of sugar cravings & digestive issues, if I would ever be able to cut out the caffeinated junk and feel naturally energetic, if I would EVER experience a peaceful night’s sleep and wake up ready to tackle the day.

Then, a miracle occurred in my life and I was introduced to the idea of holistic health. I had that ah-ha moment where I realized that my health problems were the byproduct of a shoddy digestive system, my thoughts and my lifestyle. Since that moment, I’ve worked to turn my health around. I went on a pursuit of ultimate health and immersed myself in all of the tools that could mend my body from the inside out. Now, I help others do the same.


Follow these next steps to get Rockin'...


Step #1 Download & Print the Program:

Please DOWNLOAD, print out and read the ENTIRE PLAN Front to Back. I highly recommend having 2 copies of the Allowed Foods List!


Step #2 Community Support, Accountability & Motivation:

Create a Facebook account, if you don’t already have one, and please add a picture so we can see your pretty face!

Please CLICK HERE right NOW to access the forum, then click the “Join Group” button at the top right. Your membership will be approved as soon as possible. After you join the group please go to the top where it says “View Pinned Post” for important information about the program.

You will love being a part of this group of inspiring women that are on the same path as you are. Here we'll post pictures, tips, recipes and more to make the program as effective as possible. The group is great for motivation, support & accountability. You can ask questions and get support from other participants in the group and I will be there to help you as well.


Step #3 Download the Workout App to your Phone or Device:

Please wait for me to send you an additional email titled My Trainer Mandy Welcome Email - it will be from If you do not see it, then please check your spam. Once you receive the email, please follow the instructions by filling out the consultation form and downloading the app to your device.


Your username will be your email address and you will create your own password. Once you get the app downloaded, please add your “before” pictures and measurements to the app. For the workouts, please follow the instructions in the app on how to set up your calendar and check in etc. (swipe left and right on the app to see everything). Please be sure to check in because this is how I will hold you accountable. Please note: I can see when someone accesses the app etc.


Step #4 Referral Program:

This is a 6 phase/month program for those who are interested in learning everything about nutrition & living a holistic lifestyle in order to revitalize their life! The amount of information can be overwhelming so in order to make it more doable, I decided to spread it out over 6 months.

* You are NOT required to continue and I will NOT be auto-drafting your account every 4 weeks. However, most people continue onto Phase 2 because they see and feel the positive changes and realize that there is so much more to learn; especially since they are feeling AMAZING.


If you desire to continue to Phase 2 after the 21 Day Transformation Challenge, you simply go to my site and pay (full price) or you can take advantage of my referral program. If you refer 3 Friends within your 21 Days, you will receive Phase 2 for half off - which is $70. Or refer 5 friends within your 21 Days and it’s only $15.

The easiest way to do that is to post about your experiences and results. Please be sure tag me "Mandy Fonville" to ensure I see it and can respond to anyone that's interested. Celebrate your accomplishments of more energy, better sleep, clearer thinking etc. It doesn't have to be about weight or inches lost. Think about all of the people that you know that desire MORE Natural Energy and stable moods etc.

My program will also support people in getting off of medications, compromised immune systems (autoimmune diseases), migraines, acne, psoriasis, digestive disorders etc. My program is designed to restore Innate Energy to the body which allows it to heal itself.

* Please do not ever post specific details about the smoothie recipe, supplements, powders or anything else I am recommending. I prefer people to learn that information by investing in my program.


Step #5 Real Food Recipe Book:

I have created a Real Food Recipe Book to assist you during my program. It only includes foods from the "allowed foods list" and is very helpful for the 21 Day Transformation Challenge and the rest of the phases as well. If you are interested, simply click the PayPal button below. The investment is $9. Once you complete the payment process you will get a link to download the Recipe Book via Dropbox. Please do this from a computer if possible.

* The recipe book contains 3 smoothie recipes, one breakfast recipe that can be used as lunch or a snack (if you require snacks). There is also 4 lunch and 4 dinner recipes that would be used as your lunch during the challenge. I have 5 options for getting results on my program. Please follow whichever option works the best for you. During phase 2 the nutrition plan allows meals and snacks and you can also replace a meal with a smoothie if you desire.


Step #6 Mindset Sessions:

Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of finding physical and mental harmony. What you eat is one very important aspect of overall health, but the state of your mind is another integral component. Realize you have the power to shift your body into a state of perfect health.

Did you know that 95% of your behavior is from your subconscious mind? Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to change your behavior? That’s because the subconscious mind works through habit and images. Our body is the result of our subconscious mind. That goes for our health and our aesthetic appearance. Most people feel they are doomed due to their genetics when it comes to their health etc. but I would like to remind you that your Genetics is the loaded gun but your Lifestyle is what pulls the trigger.

My mission is to teach others how to live healthfully and fully in such a hectic world. I have had numerous wonderful teachers and mentors and have learned through my own experiences in life how important it is to step away from the computer, put down my cell phone and step back into my soul every day. During a session, I will teach you simple rituals to harmonize your body and mind. I will support you in pinpointing exactly what is functioning in your subconscious mind that is holding you back and give you the tools necessary to reprogram it for success. If you are experiencing challenges as a result of your mindset, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. My mindset coaching sessions are guaranteed to put you on the right track.

The investment is $50 per 30 minute increments. You can contact me via facebook messenger to schedule a session.


Let the Journey Begin…


Get ready for improved sleep, increased energy, clear skin, better workouts etc.

I look forward to seeing you in the Private Facebook Group!

Love & Light ~

Mandy Fonville